Window cleaning services - commercial window cleaning in Melbourne

We've been everywhere, and we'll clean anywhere

Fingerprints, bird droppings, dust, rain – they all conspire to dirty your perfect glass. Depending on your needs, we can clean your glass every day, once a week or as often as required. Most customers enjoy not having to worry about calling the window cleaners, and when it comes to commercial window cleaning in Melbourne we enjoy having a regular client list.

There really is no job too big or small for us, and you might have seen us perched on the top of ladders or hanging off buildings – it's all in a day's work!

Abseiling window cleaning

Many commercial buildings feature designs with a lot of glass, and we look after commercial window cleaning in Melbourne for some of the biggest buildings in the area. We know all the tricks to reach those seeming impossible to clean areas, and will not damage or scratch glass or other surfaces in the process.

The environment

More and more companies are taking a green approach to business, and we are one of them. Our products are now more environmentally friendly than ever, from the cleaning solutions we use to the materials in our cleaning tools. So whether we're cleaning a commercial building or your house, you can be sure we're not hurting the environment.


Safety is a major concern of ours and although it may look dangerous to be on a rope off the edge of a tall building, our cleaners are all highly trained and are as much mountain climbers as they are cleaners! We also take all safety precautions including signage for passers by.

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